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Blessed be...By Terania Turi

The law of administration knows about the real 13th parallel of latitude and its manifestations, not the usual widely recognized 12. The others have kept thi...
May 18
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Is the economy of the world safe? 20// Universal corporate collapse? 2 Replies

5/21/2017The world is changing so fast and this is scary in many ways... As always, this new dragon (as of May 15th, 2017) will bring about changes in so many areas of our lives on both a personal and universal way.While there are many cars on the…Continue

Started by Dr. Turi. Last reply by Tina G Evans 18 hours ago.

FBI shame...

5/22/2017 Over the years, the police has grown drastically with weaponry, but not in spirit…  Ignoring or laughing at the cosmic code jurisdictions invite a premature death! Astroforensics must be…Continue

Started by Dr. Turi yesterday.

Famous Unconscious UFO’s “Talking Heads”

Recovered/ updated article published, January 4, 2013   "…Continue

Started by Dr. Turi yesterday.

Times Square SHOCKING Attack and California Earthquake Prediction

5/19/2017“The universe is under no obligation to make any SPIRITUAL sense to anyone”  Dr. Turi…Continue

Started by Dr. Turi on Saturday.

SOS to the world April 20th 2017 - Korean demilitarized zone... 7 Replies

4/17/2017“If every 8 year old in the world is taught Astropsychology and meditation, we will eliminate violence and ignorance from the…Continue

Started by Dr. Turi. Last reply by Helga Rossner on Friday.

Sharula Dux Princess of Telos advanced ... 1 Reply

5/17/17Hi readers...It's Terania.Before reading the following article, I'm sure most all of us know about the underground water / sub – atomic powerful force.Well, even though the universal Piscean axis just passed into Leo / Aquarius; do know that…Continue

Started by Dr. Turi. Last reply by Dr. Turi May 17.

Alien-Human Battle of 1979 in New Mexico

Alien-Human Battle of 1979 in New Mexico: Alleged Eye-Witness ReportPosted by TeraniaLooking back on the story of Phil SchneiderBy Tara MacIsaac, …Continue

Started by Dr. Turi May 14.

Tales of the Pontianak

Tales of the PontianakPosted by TeraniaGhost stories have for centuries crossed boundaries of language and culture, transcending the barriers of the paranormal world and ours. It has fascinated, intrigued and even cast intense fear in the minds of…Continue

Started by Dr. Turi May 13.

Air Force's mysterious space plane lands, wakes up Florida

5/10/17Hi cosmic coders...It's Terania.Just sharing my thoughts on this.Well, as if the "already obvious" isn't clear enough.Most of these explorers can't even can't down before blasting off...If you know what I mean. They're not really on board…Continue

Started by Dr. Turi May 10.

A little Brit Classical

5/1/17As we know, there are all types of growth and many of those shifts have been based on ideas brought in and determined by the classical approach. I suppose that's why classical requires a bit more fantasy in ones mind and is more of a common…Continue

Started by Dr. Turi May 1.

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Cowboys, big trucks and country music...


I miss the road trips and passing those big tucks, cowboy Billy Bobs and bubbas with some country music every once and a while...Hee-haw. 

But we have been working harder than ever lately, trying to catch up and I know we will soon again be on the road again.

Still yet, it's always good to know that life's little moments…


Posted by Dr. Turi on May 17, 2017 at 8:00pm

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